It's been 4 years now since our team has been working on various facilities for Dmitry Portnyagin, the leader of the famous YouTube channel "Transformator".

During this time our team made a great effort of designing with the following construction of 4 huge projects for Dmitry: Apartments in the "Oko" Tower, apartments in the Residential complex "River Dale", the Head Office of YouTube channel "Baza Transformator" at Arma Factory, and also a house of 700m2 at Martemyanovo cottage village.

A few months ago, we began collective preparations for the next construction process. This time we are designing and building a "Spa complex" for Dmitry. And now everyone has an opportunity to watch us and the process in the YouTube channel editions "Transformer. Dacha. Season 3".

Your design project will have no analogues. During elaboration process all the wishes of the Client and his family members will be taken into consideration.

Working since 2007 we managed to implement many objects of varying degrees of complexity. Our pride is a 4-year close cooperation with the leader of the YouTube channel "Transformator" Dmitry Portnyagin and his family.

Our team has its own construction department which at the highest level takes the control of the embodiment of your design project. The members of the team are highly qualified specialists who will do their job perfectly.

The Client is attracted exclusively at the stage of design formation assignment and it's following approval, afterwards our team takes care of everything. The Customer receives the "Turnkey" facility.
We develop concepts, planning solutions, 3D visualizations, construction documentation for Your facility.
We control the work accordance on the approved design project.
We take over the interaction with the various contractors involved in the project.
We fully equip the facility with finishing materials, plumbing, equipment, furniture.
Head architect
Studio founder
Engineering faculty at Russian Plekhanov's University

Union of Professional Artists member

School of Contemporary Arts at MMOMA
Interior designer,
Moscow Architectural Institute
Interior designer,
3D artist
Construction department
Construction department
Interior furnishing partner international Company KRASSKY.RU
5000 rub/м2
8000 rub/м2
Facility measurements plan
3 - 5 options of space planning decisions
Dismantling plan
Furniture plan
Partition bindings plan
Ceiling binding plan with levels
Necessary constructive sections
Explication of doors and doorways
Explication of flooring with levels
Floor heating plan
Waterproofing plan
Air conditioning and ventilation scheme
Ventilation grids binding plan
Plumbing Equipment binding plan
Lighting Equipment binding plan
Switches binding plan with disposition
Electrical equipment binding plan
Wall elevation plans with materials used
Finishing Materials list
3D Visualization
Supervision and construction control
Interior equipment
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